VDI Solution

  • Start at just a 3 node cluster for your small ROBO / support needs
  • Expand to tens of thousands of desktops with a single click
  • Built for a smooth user experience absent of traditional VDI bootstorms
  • Multiple desk virtualization solutions supported, including VMware Horizon, Citrix XenDesktop as well GPU enabled.


Desktop virtualization has been pivotal in streamlining resource sharing and creating a single point of control for scale deployment. A variation of the client / server model, VDI has significant implications in the overall IT cost structure (both CAPEX and OPEX) for mid to large organizations.


No One-size Fits All

Current multi-year hardware refresh cycle for VDI purchasing typically results in either over-buying (wasted resources) or under-buying (more drawn out sales process). Expansion is slow and costly. For CXOs facing the number one mandate of tightening the IT budget, VDI proves to be one of the most challenging tasks with seemingly no perfect solution in sight.


Concurrent user boot-ups cause noticeable degradation in service due to rapid-firing, concentrated storage I/O requests in an extremely short timeframe. SmartX HCI for VDI is designed specifically to handle these heavy upticks through a carefully architected flash multi-tier which means no disruption to critical apps.

The Smartx Edge

Start Light, Scale Smart

Start your SmartX VDI deployment at the minimal 3 node cluster and scale up or scale out through highly tunable hardware. To add more desktops and keep up with additional loads, simply add nodes to your cluster for performance boost.

Full I/o Throttle For Your Vdi Bootstorms

A highly distributed, redundant storage-compute architecture built to handle I/O requests in the shortest path possible instead of repeatedly going over the network. Enjoy the deterministic IOPs, throughput, latency of a local device atop a highly robust, redundant network. A mixed SSD-HDD storage solution allows for smart caching, smart tiering, and smart balancing for randomized I/O behavior. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s smart.

Guaranteed Availability

Unlike traditional RAID which can be slow and resource intensive, SmartX VDI replicates data across all participating nodes continuously which is made possible by the extreme data granularity in our design. In case of hiccups, turbocharged rebuild takes place across all nodes in a highly parallelized fashion, pushing efficiency into the stratosphere.

Easy To Manage

Deploy in 20 minutes or less. Forget legacy 3-tier induced time-consuming maintenance and manage through a single pane of glass for precise, pinpoint control.

Multi Hypervisor Support

Full support for Citrix XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View and KVM-based VDI. GPU virtualization also fully featured.

Dramatically Reduced Tco

节省的不只是初始投入的软硬件成本,SmartX ag赌博架构带来更少的空间、更低能耗、更简运维管理, 极大的降低总体 IT 成本。

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