Hyperconverged Virtualization

  • Compute and storage on the same node in a highly direct scale-out cluster
  • Distributed storage through pooled 3D FLASH to deliver a 5X breakthrough performance increase over legacy systems
  • Support multiple hypervisors such as VMware, XenServer, and KVM
  • Single pane view management for instant insight at a lower TCO


Virtualization went a long way in changing the way we compute. Innovation in virtual machine density, CPU core density, and the proliferation of micro-services, containers, serverless computing, and various other orchestration-driven technologies brought tremendous advantage to processing while creating highly randomized IO problems for the storage side. SmartX aims to bring the same paradigm shift to storage and close the IO gap through sophisticated reconciling of compute, storage, and networking.

The Smartx Edge

Compared to legacy 3 Tier:

True Linear Scaling

SmartX HCI allows scaling accordingly in meaningful increments no matter how large or how small.

Randomized I/O Performant

SmartX is built around a flexible hybrid Solid State + Spinning disk distributed storage topology that avoids single point of failures, solves storage compute I/O bottleneck, and outperforms traditional SAN / NAS solutions by more than 3 times. SmartX has perfected some of the most sought after features such as storage tiering, metadata management, and disk balancing. All of this at the node, cluster, or rack level.


Our distributed, self-aware converged framework is built to withstand nearly any level of software and hardware failures with zero impact to vital workloads. Data is smartly scanned and curated through timely replication, snapshotting, and disk balancing. In case of problems, rebuild is measured in minutes and hours, not days.

Single Pane Management

Watch over your entire infrastructure stack from VMs to LUNs in a single web UI through globally sourced data feeds and alerts along with actionable predictive analytics. An integrated view with vCenter or XenCenter is also featured.

Enhance the Virtualization Ecosystem

Pick from a wide array of virtualization solutions be it industry populars like VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, KVM, or our patented Elf designed around the enterprise grade CentOS distro.

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