Dev / Testing

  • Deploy centrally, access from anywhere.
  • Built by developers for developers. Capable of shortening the release cycle by up to 40%
  • Quick snapshotting enables rollbacks to any trunk / branching point for working with multiple production releases / testing / bug fixes
  • Quick resource provisioning and de-provisioning to support the entire application development lifecycle


Enterprise IT is facing increasing pressure to keep up with rapidly expanding business needs. Better, richer product releases and reduced time to delivery play a major role in monetization and remains the one of the focal points of SmartX HCI solution.

The Smartx Edge

Converge and Scale

Run your entire development / testing stack on a single converged platform. Scale out by adding nodes to support additional development needs.

High Performance

SSD-HDD multi-tier brings a specialized cache layer for high-performance applications spanning multiple environments (DEV / QUAL / PROD).

Spin Up A Testing Sandbox

Build unlimited number of testing environments through quick VM cloning. Whether it's a for a feature release or stress testing, create and provision a hand tailored environment for the task at hand.

Release Management

Achieve true Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment through our tried-and-true snapshotting be it for merging, branching, rolling back, or any other phase of the DevOps / release management lifecycle.

Dramatically Reduced Cost

Get started immediately on our 4 node SmartX Halo 400 appliance without any other hardware required. Have your virtualization stack up and running in a matter of minutes using our Elf Compute and say goodbye to VMware licensing. Forever.

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