• Seamless integration with OpenStack, VMware vCloud with flexible block level storage provided
  • Geared towards small to midsized enterprises with an eye for secure on-premise cloud
  • Start small with 3 nodes and scale accordingly
  • Self-managing cloud for a lower TCO


Cloud computing brought innumerable options to IT organizations both from a business perspective and from an infrastructure perspective. SmartX HCI is built to leverage the cloud and enhance its value proposition through carefully designed integration and support.

Cloud amenable storage

Large cloud deployments inevitably need a storage solution commensurate with its level of compute power and capable of delivering scalable throughput. Legacy Tier 1 SAN solutions bring resiliency but along with it complexity, high cost, and management overheads. Open source solutions like Ceph / Gluster while free and flexible, suffer from lack of stability and continual support. SmartX HCI was built with the cloud era in mind from DAY ONE and supports both converged and disaggregated architectures. Whether you are public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, SmartX Halo provides the most reliable storage backbone for your environment.

Small to Mid Private Clouds

Build your private cloud with the SmartX software stack equipped with storage, compute, network, and virtualization all in one. Pick from our lineup of x86 appliances and hold your entire environment in a single 2U.

The Smartx Edge

Truest Software-driven

SmartX HCI is the only true 100% software-defined distributed storage solution keeping up with the proliferation of the Cloud.

Scale Incrementally

Scale along with your cloud without disrupting your business critical applications

High Performance

Keep your tier 1 workloads buzzing


Works with OpenStack, VMware vCloud and others with support for both converged and disaggregated architectures

Deploy Out-of-the-box

Create your cluster through a single view web UI. Shorten your deployment from days to minutes through single click features.

Simplify Management

Manage your cloud along with its underlying resources from a single control.

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