SmartX ZBS 分布式块存储

完美替代传统 SAN 存储,根除扩展性难题

SmartX ZBS 基于分布式架构,借助通用的 x86 服务器和高速网络

相比传统 SAN/NAS 集中式存储,ZBS 从架构上彻底解决传统存储单点失效

  • 水平扩展,从容应对业务爆炸式增长的需求
  • 为 SSD 专门优化,I/O 性能是普通集中式存储 5 倍以上
  • 丰富的数据保护功能和容错设计,让业务系统永处服务状态
  • 无需专有硬件,兼容通用 x86 服务器,大幅降低购置成本
  • 简明 UI,轻松运维,真正做到"消费级"产品的用户体验
  • 生态友好,无硬件厂商绑定,无虚拟化、云平台锁定,开放 API,方便各类方案整合
  • 灵活快速部署,支持ag赌博与计算存储分离两种部署模式,安装过程仅需 25 分钟
  • For Every Storage Need

    Mix and Match Your Storage
    Multiple Hybrid SSD/HHD storage tier to accelerate varying levels of data intensive workloads
    High Performance 3d Flash
    Hot caching and auto-tiering of cold data for ultra-high performance.
    Thin Provision
    Controlled oversubscription for optimal utilization
    Split-second Snapshotting / Cloning
    Up-to-the-minute data capture and infrastructure management
  • Data Security

    Failure proof operations for critical applications
    Instantaneous, distributed data recovery at the speed of light after hiccups
    Continuous Checksum
    Multiple checkpoints in data management lifecycle to ensure data integrity
    Smart replication
    Secure data backups through strategic replication at variable multiples (2x, 3x etc)
  • Eco-friendly

    Multi-hypervisor Support
    Pick from VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, or our own enterprise grade KVM-based SmartX Elf
    Agile Deployment
    Hyperconverged mode as well as split 3 tier mode, pooled storage for VMs and traditional workloads
    Uninterrupted Scaling
    Scale seamlessly without affecting end users
    Multi File Protocol Support
    Support NFS and iSCSI
    Integrated with OpenStack and extendable to multiple cloud platforms through Open API

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