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「Make IT Simple」

About SmartX

SmartX was created to disrupt the status quo of IT infrastructure and bring revolutionary changes to the way we compute. With our Halo ZBS, we have created a true scale-out, software-driven, distributed storage system leveraging the latest technologies in NAND flash. 

Our vision for next-generation IT infrastructure

  • Customer-centric design that withstands real life business demands and delivers legendary reliability

  • True linear scaling in capacity and performance capable of supporting enterprise workloads

  • Same ease of management for datacenter and cloud deployments as for a single server

Our mission: simplify IT

We built an infrastruture geared towards the future of data and compute

We believe

  • Never stop innovating

    We tackle the hardest issues and work on solutions for the longterm

  • Fast turnaround

    Rapid feature development to stay ahead of customers' growing needs

  • Simplicity driven

    We aim for a simpler IT environment whether its our infrastructure design or our end user management system 

  • Easy to integrate

    Our products are built with existing technologies as well as emerging technologies in mind.

SmartX was founded in 2013 and is a recognized leader in hyperconverged infrastructure and enterprise cloud solutions. Built on the principals of software driven and complete hardware independence as we move in a rapidly-shifting IT landscape, we have built an endlessly scalable product leveraging x86 appliances capable of handling the future of compute. 

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